Pipe Extruders GT-Range

Pipe Extruders GT-Range

Our GT Range, in comparison to the WZ Range, is very cost effective.

Production size capabilities almost match the WZ range but the production capacity per hour is far less.

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Our GT range is a well sought after, reliable production line. Our extrusion line includes the vacuum forming tank and haul off. We have a range of mould/calibrator sets. We also stock complete spares for all our production lines.

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Product Description

Model Screw Stem Diameter (mm) Motor (kw) Capacity kg/h
GTPE45 45 11 30
GTPE55 55 11 40
GTPE65 65 22 60
GTPE80 80 22 100
*Mould sizes available: 15,22,25,32,40 to 100
*Includes: One mould set, vacuum forming tank and haul off.
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