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Plastic Bag Maker & Printer

  • CW Range - Bag Making Machine

    CW Range – Bag Making Machine

    There are three steps involved in the manufacturing of plastic bags:

    • Extruding Plastic Film (film blowers)
    • Printing bags
    • Bag Making or “plastic converting”


    Hume Machinery has a flexographic printing range and a range of bag making machines from vest bags to bottom sealed or side sealed, wicket bags, punch bags, refuse bags, perforated bags, (bags on rolls) etc.

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    Film rolls are loaded onto the bag making machines where repetitive bottom seal or side seal converting takes place to produce individual bags from the large rolls.  Holes, vents, slits, perforations, handle punching, wicketting, header sealing and zip-locking are some of the many options available.

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  • CW Range - Super High Speed Flexograph Printing Machine

    CW Range – Super High Speed Flexograph Printing Machine

    This machine is designed by the CHOVYTING technical team who have over 10 years experience in the manufacturing of printing machinery. The design of this machine is to improve on the printing speed as well as improve production efficiency. Accuracy to show the highest performance and best quality of printing.

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