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Pipe Extruders

  • Pipe Extruders GT-Range

    Pipe Extruders GT-Range

    Our GT Range, in comparison to the WZ Range, is very cost effective.

    Production size capabilities almost match the WZ range but the production capacity per hour is far less.

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    Our GT range is a well sought after, reliable production line. Our extrusion line includes the vacuum forming tank and haul off. We have a range of mould/calibrator sets. We also stock complete spares for all our production lines.

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  • Pipe Exturders WZ-Range

    Pipe Extruders WZ-Range

    HDPE Pipe extruders as well as LDPE pipe extruders are used in the manufacturing of irrigation pipes, agricultural pipes and mining supplies. We offer machines for all PE applications, namely PP, PVC, HDPE and LDPE for whatever size you would like to manufacture. 

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    Our machines are sold with an extruder, control panel, vacuum bath, Haul off and automatic cutters. We stock a full range calibrators and dies. PVC pipe extruders are mainly used for conduit pipes (sewerage pipes).

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