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Recycling Extruders

  • Recycling Extruders - RS/WT/GT - Range

    Recycling Extruders – RS/WT/GT – Range

    In polymer recycling, extrusion is the most convenient way of converting into plastic pellets. Plastic recyclers sometimes refer to these extruders as pelletisers.

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    The process includes heating & cooling. The heating process eliminates toxic gases, while the cooling process allows for the material to be cut into pellet form, ready for the next stage in the process, plastic manufacturing.

    The plastic is then heated & melted in the screw of the extruder before it’s forced through a screen (this screen removes steel, paper and contaminants) to form plastic strands. These ‘spaghetti strands” are cooled in a bath before its pelletised (cut) into small pellets.

    Our extrusion lines include the extruder, hopper, control panel, stainless steel water bath and pelletiser.

    (Also see our plastic manufacturing product and auxiliary equipment range in the catalogue)

    Hume Machinery also sells cooling towers that are used in the process to keep the water cool as well as strand coolers which are used to blow water off the strands before being pelletised as well as assist with the cooling process that the plastic requires.

    Our recycling extruders are available from 50kg/hr capacities, 100, 150, 200, 500kgs/hr

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  • Recycling Extruders FS-Range

    Recycling Extruders FS-Range

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