Granulator RS Range

Granulator RS Range

Also referred to as plastic crushers, plastic grinders and plastic cutters. Our RS Range is the most popular across all our equipment and the RS600 is the most sought after of the RS Granulator range.

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It is available in three granulator blade configurations, namely the straight blades, staggered blades and V shape blades.  We have also introduced a RS-1000 and RS-1200 Granulator, cutting from 1-2 tons/h.

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Product Description

Model Rotating blades Stationary blades Motor (kw) Throat size LxB Weight Kg’s
Machine size LxBxH (mm)
Capacity kg/h.
3 2 7.5 400×300 750 1400x750x1000 40+
RS500 3 2 11 450×300 900 1530x860x1300 70+
RS700 9 4 37 760×600 1900 2430x1520x1700 350+
RS800 9 4 45 800×700 2500 2200x1500x3440 600+
*The capacity depends on the type of material and the screen size. Our screens are available from an 8mm to a 50mm.
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