CW Multi-Layer Range

CW Multi-Layer Range

At Hume, we market two, three and five layer co –extruders. Typical applications include Industry packaging (e.g. shrink film, stretch film, bag film or container liners), Consumer packaging (e.g. packaging film for frozen products, shrink film for transport..

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packaging, food wrap film, packaging bags, or form, fill and seal packaging film), Laminating film (e.g. laminating of aluminium or paper used for packaging for example milk or coffee), Barrier film (e.g. film made of raw materials such as polyamides and EVOH acting as an aroma or oxygen barrier used for packaging food, e. g. cold meats and cheese), films for the packaging of medical products, Agricultural film (e.g. greenhouse film, crop forcing film, silage film, silage stretch film).

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Product Description

Model Film Thickness (mm) Film Width (kw) Extruder Motor (kw) Screw L/D Ratio Die Size Machine size LxBxH
Capacity kg/h.
CW45HL 0.02-0.1 100-500 11×3 28:1 35×2 / 45×1 5000x2000x4100 70
CW50HL 0.02-0.1 300-600 15×3 28:1 45×2 / 50×1 5000x2200x4100 80
CW55HL 0.03-0.1 400-800 18.5×3 30:1 50×2 / 55×1 5500x2500x5200 100
CW65HL 0.03-0.1 600-1200 22×2 30:1 55×2 / 65×1 5800x2800x6500 130
*Three Layers Co extrusion film blowing machine.
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